Structural Remodeling System


With age, the delicate skin on the face (most commonly the eyes) begins to lack elasticity and bright luminosity, and consequently starts to show signs of ageing. Once upon a time the only way to combat this was with distressing facial surgical procedures.


However, now there is a way to take years off the skin without the pain and downtime of surgery thanks to powerful SRS treatments – like the one available here at Radiance.


Considered the epitome of non-surgical facial regeneration, SRS is a revolutionary treatment that gives you the power to look as young as you feel by combining the use of five scientifically-proven technologies (HVPC, Ultrasound, Impulse Microcurrents, Electroporation and Galavanic).

Providing outstanding results, one of the unique benefits of SRS is its ability to penetrate and reboot skin at the deepest level (right down to the muscular level) and regenerate the dermal cells. Each wave of simultaneous current stimulates new collagen growth for improved skin elasticity and tension, effectively toning saggy muscles and tightening the skin.


In other words, SRS helps to redefine facial contours and lift cheeks, tighten the jawline and neck, and relax facial expression lines such as crows’ feet, worry lines and lip wrinkles.

SRS treatments can be used to enhance other skin treatments. While SRS will deliver immediately noticeable results after just one treatment, for best results we recommend a course of SRS treatments over a period of four to six weeks as that is how long it takes for the skin’s natural collagen renewal process to take effect.


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