What is Scarring?

Scars come in many shapes and sizes and take shape for many reasons. Whether post-operative (perhaps a caesarean pregnancy) or as the result of severe acne, scars are basically areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin after an injury or trauma. It is the body’s natural healing process for repairing a wound.


While this may be so, for, like acne, scars can cause a lack of self-confidence, anxiety and insecurity. No one deserves to feel this way, which is why we pride ourselves in working hard to help our clients to find the right treatment for their scars and in doing so, also overcome any associated concerns that come with that.



How is scarring treated?

Radiance offers numerous painless and non-invasive skin rejuvenation techniques and treatments that are ideal for improving scarring. These include: Microdermabrasion, professional peels, Healite Therapy – just to name a few.

To find out which therapy is best for you, please contact our expert skin therapists for a personal consultation.

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