Want younger, fresher, healthier looking skin? You need the magic of microdermabrasion. Our professional microdermabrasion therapy is an advanced exfoliation treatment used to improve the skin’s overall texture and appearance, making it smoother and more refined.


Best of all, microdermabrasion will have you looking more radiant and youthful without the use of invasive procedures, downtime or adverse effects. How? This total rejuvenation system combines integrated technologies and up-to-the-minute techniques to remove dead skin cells and increase cellular turnover to deliver superior and long-lasting results to the face and body.



Derma Pod Technology Microdermabrasion

From ageing to acne, microdermabrasion targets a wide array of skin concerns, including: reducing fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, tightening facial contour, improving congested or acne-prone skin (blackheads and comedones), increasing skin elasticity and improving textural irregularities such as uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores, stretch marks and mild scars.


By integrating microdermabrasion into your approach to better skincare, you will instantly notice a change in the overall look, feel, texture and tone of your skin and how it even helps penetrate products into your skin more easily. The results are amazing! You’ll wish you had done it sooner.

Microdermabrasion diagram
Microdermabrasion diagram
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