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Enjoy a flawless look and create your own lycogel moment to match any situation.  Minimal coverage for a day at the beach, a flawless look for work or maximum coverage to protect after invasive aesthetic procedures.

Lycogel believes beauty and health are one in the same, thus when people purchase a long lasting foundation, concealer or tint, they are also making an investment in the long term health of their skin.

Wearers of Lycogel report anti ageing benefits and can be used on any skin type or condition including rosacca, acne and eczema.  Lycogel’s designer gel base specially delivers the 12 active ingredients for maximum skin health.  Lycogel is also water resistant and provides SPF30  coverage.

Come in and find your ideal Lycogel product and shade

  • Breathable Balm

  • Breathable Tint  4 Shades

  • Breathable Camouflage  12 Shades

  • Breathable Concealer  3 Shades

Lycogel products
Lycogel products
Lycogel treatment
Lycogel treatment