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Face, bikini, underarms, legs… wherever you’ve got hair, if you want it gone we are here to help. The team at Radiance specialise in all areas of hair removal and offer a multitude of treatments to guarantee best results for you and your body. From sugaring to waxing, speak to our professional therapists to find out which

treatment is ideal for you and what you are wanting to achieve.

Hair Removal


Sugaring Hair Removal

It may sound like something involved in the baking process, but Sugaring is actually an ancient process of hair removal that is completely natural and promises to decrease hair growth permanently.


A natural alternative to laser hair removal, suitable for pregnant women and awesome for women who are allergic to wax, sugaring is a great choice. Eyebrows, underarms, legs or bikinis, Sugaring not only decreases hair growth in many problem areas, it also improves skin texture and prevents new ingrown hairs. Another plus?... it’s also less painful and more effective than waxing!



How does Sugaring work?


A combination of natural ingredients including sugar, lemon and water are applied to the skin and each hair follicle is lubricated. Using a flicking motion, the paste is pulled off in the direction of the hair growth, rather than against it, pulling the whole hair follicle out and avoiding hair breakage. It doesn’t leave a sticky excess due to the substance being water soluble, and penetrates to lift dead cells and unclogs pores.



Amazingly, hairs only 1.5mm long can be successfully removed and large amounts of hair can be covered all at once! The paste won’t dry out over a very large area, even while taking off smaller sections, which speeds up the process.

There really aren’t any bad aspects of this amazing hair removal technique! Give it a try now and make yourself, and your skin, feel as beautiful as ever!

Recognised for being fast, effective and thorough, the qualified team at Radiance are highly meticulous when it comes to waxing. From eyebrows to bikinis, our therapists are highly sought after for a myriad of waxing services due to their high duty of care and exceptional attention to detail.