Creating the perfect brow is about much more than waxing and plucking. Any beautician can wax but it takes a special someone to shape and create a ‘wow’ brow.


Thankfully you’re in good hands because our experienced therapists certainly know brows! In fact, our precision and expertise when it comes to eyebrows have forged a dedicated following among women, men and teens throughout Queensland.


Specialists in brow shaping and tinting, we know exactly how to achieve radiant eyebrows and lashes that best shape your face. Whether you want to make your eyes bigger or create the illusion of a ‘brow lift’, our therapists can help.

We are also highly trained in brow and lash tinting, which is great for added definition, and saves unnecessary time fussing about in front of the mirror. 


Plus, we will also educate you on how to keep your brows neat between visits, make your eyes pop and help you regrow over plucked brows.

Eyes and Brows


Eye and Brow treatments include:

Brow Design (includes brow shape and tint) – 30 mins

Brow Maintenance - 20 mins

Brow Colour - 10 mins

Lash Colour - 20 mins

To see why everyone comes to Radiance for our impressive brows, contact us for an initial brow consult.

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