The enCurve is the easy and comfortable way to reduce fat cells through apoptosis-inducing radio frequency.


Working through controlled delivery of energy deep into the fat cells, enCurve utilises a specialised frequency (27.12 MHz) to selectively target and heat fat cells to the optimal temperature to cause denaturation of cells, killing off the fat cells.

Patients relax while enCurve works to reveal their curves,



Coolsculpting Fear no Mirror

The EnCurve procedure is a

newer technology

compared to Coolsculpting.

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What sets EnCurve apart?

  • Safely destroys fat cells while protecting epidermis and dermis

  • 2 Applicators for variety of treatment options including abdomen, thighs and arms

  • Customise treatments with Personalised Impedance Synchronisation Application Technology(PISATM)

  • 300 Watts deliver ideal power for optimal treatment outcomes

How EnCurve works for pain relief in patients with knee osteoarthritis

Radio frequency of enCurve penetrates into the deep tissues. The tissue molecules are super excited and oscillate rapidly causing heat energy. Therefore the heat energy raises the tissue temperature and effects on relief pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis.


Comfortable convenience

The EnCurve device is not only easy to be operated, but also provides a relaxing experience and minimal pain for you. The easy to use touch screen interface combined with the ergonomic articulating arm has multiple joints that provide extended reach and the air flow head conforms to most body types.

How it works for waist reduction

The apoptosis-inducing radio frequency penetrates deep into the tissue, targeting the fat cells, which rapidly move together, causing frictional heat. This raises the fat cell temperature to 45 degrees at which point the cells denaturise. This then causes changes in the integrity of the cell membrane, killing the fat cell and releasing the intracellular lipid. The body’s natural removal process then takes over and removes the damaged cells, permanently eliminating the cells.

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